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1194 East Lovejoy Street
Buffalo, NY 14206
(716) 783-7477
We are available for event bookings! Our indoor space can accommodate up to 90 people and our outdoor space can accommodate parties up to 40!

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About us

This is a place where everyone can come and enjoy good food, music and company. You can bring a date, meet up with friends or come alone. You will always be welcome here.
While the bar area is for grown folks, families are always welcome. Everyone can come for a great meal and enjoy our nights of live music or to watch sporting events.
The VERY BEST PART? (Ok, outside the awesome food and the great company of the staff) … the VERY BEST PART is you will never have to worry about anybody getting a DUI! Creative cocktails made with FRESHLY MADE simple syrups, alcohol-free beer, and HOMEMADE ginger beer will tickle your tastebuds all night long.
Come for dinner before you go downtown or stay all evening! We are happy to have you!

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